Sunday, August 7, 2011

NYX Jazz Night palette: Swatches & mini Review

I got this palette in the mail a couple days ago, here are the swatches and a mini review, as I have not got around to using these properly.

Except a few shadows (blue and purple in first row, brown and light purple in the second row) I am not liking this palette as much as I wanted to. The shadows seem to get muddy while trying to blend. 
I went against makeupalley reviews and bought this, sadly this is not an "exception to the rule".

The good ones:
I like the purple one in the first row a lot, it goes on well and is pigmented. The blue and brown come next. The light purple/lilac also goes on smoothly and makes a good pair with the darker purple. 

The not-so-bad ones: 
The butter-yellow and silver in first row are just "meh". The greenish brown in second row is pigmented but the color isn't really something special and the greenish tone doesn't show out well. It turns muddy when I try to blend. The blue with pink sparkle is just another ok color. It is a little powdery and would result in fallout under the eye for sure, and the pink sparkle doesn't show at all.

The ugly ones: 
The back one in the first row is one of the worst black shadows ever, I had to swipe it thrice to get that much color to show up. The shimmery white in the second row is extremely chalky and doesn't show up.

Price: $8-$12

NYX Jazz Night Palette

Swatches are in the same order as the palette above

  NYX Jazz Night Palette swatches

 Nothing very special about this palette unless you want some specific color here. I think its better to get the singles.

My rating: 3/5


Soft, Sweet and Gentle said...

love the shades..especially the ones on bottom row..ans all the colors are so wearable too :)

Tanveer Parmar said...

Awww! Too bad it is such a waste. Try using a base / primer - they might work better :)

Ik said...

Sadness cause it looks damn nice otherwise. I think I'll just get a sleek palette when I have to.. :)

Pooja_G said...

The colors look so pretty in the box ...sad it didn't turn out well!!

UV said...

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laksh said...

@SSG: The colors are nice, wish the quality was good too.

@Tanveer: The color some how still turns muddy and they get a little hard to blend over UDPP. Still they are not bad for a daytime look.

@IK: I wanna get a sleek palette too :(, we trade, ok!? :P

@Pooja: Yea, I fell for that too, they do look nice!

@UV: Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll sure check it out :)

Anonymous said...

i'm predictable~ i like purples! sad to hear 'bout the poor pigmentation.. i also prefer the singles~where you can choose some specific color.

laksh said...

Hey Diane, your purple look was amazing and it suits you a lot as well, hope you had a good weekend :)

Amritha said...

hey laksh..I got a similar nyx palette recently called champagne & caviar...those were ok...maybe its a one off with this palette....:(, i wanna get sleek too!!!

sahar awan said...

not very good shades haan

jimmyrodrics said...

All these shades are my favorite one..I just love it...Especially the electric blue is my fave..Thanks for this wonderful share!

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